Conference 2015

El Dorado County

Date & Venue

October 22-23, 2015
South Lake Tahoe
Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe

Promotion, Registration & Business

Flyer with Registration Form (PDF; 569 KB)
Agenda (PDF; 367 KB)


  • Welcome and Assessor's Address (MP3; 15.3 MB): Welcome and roll call by CCMA President Julie Lopez, GIS Analyst at El Dorado County Assessor's Office, followed by the opening address by Karl Weiland, El Dorado County Assessor.
  • Cadastral Mapping and Workflow in El Dorado (MP3; 18 MB): By Julie Lopez.
  • Evolution of El Dorado's Parcel Base (MP3; 63.5 MB): By Jim Urquhart, GIS Analyst at El Dorado County Surveyor's Office.
  • Visit South Lake Tahoe (MP3; 23.9 MB): By Mike Frye.
  • Using a Geodatabase Instead of Parcel Fabric (PPTX; 25.8 MB) (MP3; 38.7 MB): By Emilio Solano, Los Angeles County.
  • Visit El Dorado County (MP3; 12.8 MB): By Jody Franklin, Director of Tourism.
  • ParcelQuest / CD Data (MP3; 30.7 MB): By Grant Mulligan.
  • Changing Mapping Platforms Without Hurting Yourself (MP3; 50.4 MB): By Van O’Brien, Sidwell.
  • Legal Descriptions: Common Problems and Possible Solutions (MP3; 48.6 MB): By Bruce Johnson, Sonoma County.
  • Python Scripting: A High-Level Walkthrough (MP3; 32.2 MB): By ESRI.
  • Easements (MP3; 78.7 MB): By Duane Gower, Santa Barbara County.
  • More About the Parcel Fabric (MP3; 37.9 MB): By ESRI.
  • Tax Rate Areas (MP3; 27.6 MB): By Julie Lopez and BOE.
  • Mapping to the Rescue (PPT; 105.1 MB) (MP3; 24.9 MB): By Garo Megerdichian, Los Angeles County.

NOTE: Audio recorded by Jim Isbell (Kern County) from the front row of the conference room, using a digital voice recorder. File format is MP3. Headphones are recommended.