Conference 2011

Santa Barbara County

Santa Barbara Inn, Santa Barbara
October 13-14, 2011



Announcement Letter (PDF; 668 KB)


Registration Form for Members (PDF; 87 KB)


Agenda (Tentative) (PDF; 200 KB)

Audio Recordings

Recorded by Jim Isbell (Kern Co.) from the front row of the conference room, using a digital voice recorder. File format is Windows Media Audio (WMA). Headphones are recommended.

NOTE: Three of the audio recordings were victims of my malfunctioning voice recorder, which decided to shut itself off in the middle of the talk. Yes, the battery was good, but I think the recorder is just getting old. Time for a new one, I guess. So, as soon as I noticed it had stopped recording, I just pressed 'record' again to capture the rest. Each of those three presentations are missing a chunk in the middle, being recorded in two parts. Sorry, it is what it is, but here it is anyway.