Conference 2008

Sacramento County

Radisson Hotel Sacramento
October 16-17, 2008






  • CD-Data: The Changing Face of GIS (Abstract; PDF; 9 KB); CD-Data has developed a subscription-based website with state-wide GIS data integrated from county assessors. Assessors that partner with the company by providing data will get free access.
  • Munsys: Bridging the Gap Between CAD and GIS for Cadastral Mapping (PDF 1 MB; PPT 4.6 MB); This product demonstration was seen at last year's conference. It's an add-on for AutoCAD Map that provides a direct connection and drawing tools for viewing, editing, and attributing an Oracle geodatabase that stores spatial data in an Open GIS format. The Oracle geodatabase is also accessible using ArcGIS with the Data Interoperability Extension.
  • Sidwell: Automatic Export of CAD Data from a Geodatabase (Abstract; PDF; 17 KB); Brent Mainzinger from the Sidwell Company discusses methods of exporting CAD data from a geodatabase.
  • Eminent Domain (PDF; 1.06 MB); Attorney William T. Chisum gives us an overview of California's Eminent Domain laws and how they relate to property taxation.

Audio Recordings

Recorded by Jim Isbell (Kern Co.) from the front row of the conference room, using a digital voice recorder. File format is Windows Media Audio (WMA). Headphones are recommended.